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Originally Posted by Jose Mrochek
The funny part is, that everyone right here pissing over payola , wouldn't say a word if they where at the other side of the fence. I don't think many major artists argue with CEO's that their songs should NOT go through the payola process, and how wrong it is. So yes, it is fair/unfair depending on what side of the fence you are at. Like everything in life.
fair enough.
i'm not gonna sit here and tell you that if someone was gonna give me a leg up i wouldn't consider it, and yes if the circumstances are right i would go for it.

BUT, those circumstances cannot be illegal of hurt someone else.

and no, i'm not saying this because i walk on some higher moral ground, it's just that i've been on this rock long enough to know that sh_t DOES come back and bite you in the ass.

but yes, i do believe it's wrong.

that said, i do understand where you're coming from, even if don't fully partake of your view.



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