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Originally Posted by FMNYC

so lemme see if i get what you're saying... you're saying the music biz is a screwed up game and if you want to play, well one of the games you play is payola, like it or not.
it's an accepted and expected practice, deal with it.
Yes sir, that's what I mean.

Nothing is fair in this world. And unfortunately it's more a matter of luck (being at the right place at right time kind of thing) rather than talent kind of thing to make it on mainstream.

The funny part is, that everyone right here pissing over payola , wouldn't say a word if they where at the other side of the fence. I don't think many major artists argue with CEO's that their songs should NOT go through the payola process, and how wrong it is. So yes, it is fair/unfair depending on what side of the fence you are at. Like everything in life.