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Originally Posted by BevvyB

Started feeling REALLY WRONG on Thursday. Was meant to be working at RichT's place, and kept forgetting things, was being REALLY absent minded and gradually really weird panicky feeling came over me. Went home.

Was really quite freaked out, really grumpy, anxious and generally not good at all.

Then my lower left jaw started hurting. Then throbbing.

Went to dentists today. Wisdom tooth infection. Antibiotics.

'It's normal to have these out you know after a couple of infections' she said.

Then she looked at the x-rays, similar to Titanic (my wisdom tooth) crashing into the white cliffs of Dover (my other teeth)

'Well ok, perhaps you should just keep taking the pills....'

God help me if I have to have them removed.

Here's a diagram -


I - normal teeth
< = wisdom teeth

Not only that, the wisom teeth roots go right back to the end of my jaw


Been 37 years so far, hope I can go for another 37....

Get it over with. I had to have carpal tunnel surgery done in one of my wrists. It wasn't bad but it was pissing me off none the less with the numb fingers, aching hand and forearm muscles ect. I told my doc I want to do it and just get it over with. Glad I did because now I have to get the other wrist done soon.