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Jordan you just proved a point (not yours though

[QUOTE=jordan19]actually, i think most of us musicians overestimate the ignorance of your average Joe listener .

And as a matter of fact, Jessica's album flopped when it came out. Dropped off the charts after a week or so, and then her reality show started up and her sales flew through the roof.

So now are all independents going to whine that they can't have a reality show so their sales can fly through the roof?? heh heh heh

I think we're getting a little carried away here...

TO me this kinda proves that repetition and more of Jessica sold the album. THe album (according to your post) didnt sell in the beginning, but after rotation and a TV show the public decided to like it.

And you say the average Joe cant be swayed? Marketing is all it was. It's not like she actually made a different album