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"I would be against payola if we lived in a perfect world which we don't.
The music business process is so fuked FM, that it's really irrelevant if payola comes into play or not. So using the payola thing to start blaming labels again kind of pisses me off."

alright, you gotta a point there.

"My dissapointed comes in when people flame at these labels When these labels are giving jobs to thousands of people. From caterers, to studio managers, to dancers.. to the guy cleaning the toillet in britneys bus. It's a huge business that would never be achieved without the use of a major label system, and well.. payola included ofcourse. "

true, you gotta point there too.

"It's not that unfair.
I'ts not that unfair FM. think about it."

so lemme see if i get what you're saying... you're saying the music biz is a screwed up game and if you want to play, well one of the games you play is payola, like it or not.
it's an accepted and expected practice, deal with it.

if that's what you mean then i have to agree.
i work in advertising and i know a few things about "questionable" business practices, i also know that if i want to play i have to accept it.
otherwise i would have to go do something else.

but that still doesn't make it fair.

don't get me wrong. you make some good, valid points to be sure.
i understand that labels are businesess out to do what businesses do, to turn a profit.
i also understand that turning a profit might mean selling the lowest common denominator, your mcdonald's example is perfect.

i guess what bugs me is that because of the nature of these practices some artists that could be presented to the lowest common denominator, aren't.
i hate to be excluded not based on my merits or lack thereof.

now here's my naive solution... maybe major labels could create some kind of open system in which independent artists like us can have access to their resources even though it will not turn as much of a profit for them...

yeah, i know... dream on...


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