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Originally Posted by FMNYC
. it sounds like you are pro-payola.

i do apologise if i am not understanding your point.


FM is the inspiration for single beds.
I would be against payola if we lived in a perfect world which we don't.
The music business process is so fuked FM, that it's really irrelevant if payola comes into play or not. So using the payola thing to start blaming labels again kind of pisses me off.

My dissapointed comes in when people flame at these labels When these labels are giving jobs to thousands of people. From caterers, to studio managers, to dancers.. to the guy cleaning the toillet in britneys bus. It's a huge business that would never be achieved without the use of a major label system, and well.. payola included ofcourse. It's not that unfair.
I'ts not that unfair FM. think about it.

Big Labels are and will be the backbone of the music business. The "high end" was made for the big labels.

It's like NASA. Many people are against NASA funding now, but they forget that thanks to nasa we can do many many many things today that we never dreamed where possible.

I would not be aware of who the beatles where if it wasn't for the big labels and i'm sure payola. SO?? I guess i like payola.