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Originally Posted by Jose Mrochek
I knew I was going to get flamed for this.

Independents should use payola aswell, I'm sure they do in a smaller way maybe. Why is payola anti-competitive ? You don't think the Beatles used payola ? or any other band ?

I will agree with everyone that some worthless **** is being played, no doubt about that. But the concept of payola is not entirely to blame. It's just a part of the process of people involved from The engineer who records crap, all the way up to the CEO are guilty. I find it ironic everytime people piss all over the big labels. When there are so many equaly guilty people in the chain.
What? The engineer that records the crap in the first place is to blame. Jose, let me explain the way the system is supposed to work. A radio station hires a DJ and program director who are generally considered "tastemakers" and they play music that is cool, and because they do this people actually "tune in" in mass and because of this they can charge high ad rates so they can pay themselves and turn a profit for the station owner. If they are not good tastemakers, people don't turn in, they lose their jobs etc.

When the creepy payola enters the picture, the market gets inflated not with music and stars that warrant it, but with music that is crapola, which is what payola creates. The listener is duped. You as an engineer should know that even when you record crap, many times the crappy music engrains it self into your brain until your tapping your foot to crap even when it's not playing. This is what record companies do when they pay a station to spin crap 200 times. They're hoping they can brain wash people into buying crap. It pollutes the whole industry. If my music is rejected, I want it to be rejected because it is crap not because I can't come up with $14,000 for 250 spins.