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Originally Posted by wackowill
Jose, I couldn't disagree with you more!

Payola is anti-competitive not to mention completely unethical. If one record company has the money spare to bribe DJs in radio stations to play their tunes at the expense of the other labels - how can independents hope to gain stronger foothold in the market?

Music mainstream is a business, sure - so lets have some competition!

Payola is a way for gigantic corporate multinationals to retain their foothold on the market illegally. It doesn't matter what crap they put out because they PAY for it to be drilled into the brains of the consumer.
I knew I was going to get flamed for this.

Independents should use payola aswell, I'm sure they do in a smaller way maybe. Why is payola anti-competitive ? You don't think the Beatles used payola ? or any other band ?

I will agree with everyone that some worthless **** is being played, no doubt about that. But the concept of payola is not entirely to blame. It's just a part of the process of people involved from The engineer who records crap, all the way up to the CEO are guilty. I find it ironic everytime people piss all over the big labels. When there are so many equaly guilty people in the chain.