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Hey all. I'll explain this quickly so you can tear into me quicker.
I've been gradually building my studio for years now. I started at 14 years old with a tascam 4-track and I'm now 20 years old with a very decent setup.

What I'd like to do is open up a very affordable recording studio/space to compose with the artists. I know that this is just the begining and I am doing it mostly to learn, but I would like to make a little money while producing, engineering.

Since this is gearslutz I'll give a little gear tour. Macbook Pro/4 GB Ram/500 GB internal memory, Logic Pro 8, Apogee duet, Adam a7's, sm7, 2 sm57s, Rode NT1-A, GT Brick, Oxygen Midi controller, Real nice guitars, Amps, Drums etc. DIY bass traps (need to keep working on acoustics)

What do you PROS feel that I need to know before advertising my space.

Opinions for rates, gear needed, general studio tips from your experience, studio NAMES?

Thanks in advance everyone!

Disclaimer: I am getting good at what I do... not just another kid with pipe dreams.
Sounds like you want to be a producers that is very hands on to me. You want to co-write music with people.

So to be clear I think you should not think of yourself as a studio owner.. you should be thinking of yourself as a producer with facilities to overdub mixed with a writing studio.

Not many bands will welcome a hands on producer co-writing songs.

I'm wondering the following:

Can you hear when tuning or timing is suspect? (for editing comping and picking THE take)

Can you hear diatonic harmony and recognise when things are in key or not? If you are going to suggest developments to my music then you'd better not be lacking in these skills.

Do you have a solid foundation in musical arrangments and forms? You gotta know the rules in order to break them. You gotta be able to improve structures if required IMO.

Y'see everybody thinks they are good because of ego. But would other people who are good think you have the chops?