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Old 7th February 2009
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I know this is a rediculous question and it kinda of is to me as well,but Im trying to practice scales and their chords.I can figure out the chords in their root position but Im pretty sure from watching others play this is not done very often,so Im trying to wrap my head around some kinda of groundwork to start from when practicing so I can then go from there to break the rules and create.But I need to do basics first. What is your advice for a beginner trying to learn scales and there chords? Are there any chords in the scale that are commonly inverted a certain way in regards to simple "kiddy triad progressions"?

I know on scale books they always give you the 1-4-5 and they are usually inverted the same way. Im just trying to see if these inversion are consistent with those chords in modern music?