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Old 7th August 2005
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I have 2, I've had them for 10 years, I now use them with Millennia HV3D's direct input. GTR amp at 18" with an N90, a PL80, 57 or 604e on the cone at the grillcloth.
Harsh accordians, violins, flutes. AC GTR behind the bridge with an AT AE3000, a schoeps ccm5, or a Beyer M260 between the hole and the 12th fret. trumpet. bone.
If I use them live I attach a piece of cardboard backed foam to the back of the mic and use them only for FOH and a clip mic for the monitors.
I had a problem once with phantom but it didn't ruin the mic or effect the sound, but if you touched the mic you would hear a crackling noise. still works!
For curiosity's sake, what could happen to it if it took the 48 volts across the ribbon? I would suspect that the transformer would be the most likely suspect for damage. anyway what would happen?