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Originally Posted by massimo
Sorry this may be a really silly question.

Let's say I do not want to use a computer for tracking and mixing audio - I already use it too much for other things. Really.

I am a musician, and I like hardware.
I have updated just about anything in my home studio in the past two years. The last obsolete object is my trusty Yamaha 03D digital mixer, which I only use at mixing for setting and storing volumes and panpots, and as a very handy digital router. I do not use its pres, converters, and processors, but I still like the idea of a hardware mixer.

My silly question is: is mixing through a hardware digital mixer like in the box mixing? Does it make any sense to keep using my mixer as a front end for the above mentioned purposes, and consider a multi channel D/A converter and a summing box? Would pan pot and volume settings of individual tracks/channels still be effective? Remember, I do not want a computer in my room.

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I mix from Nuendo on a DM1000 and just cannot get the same results mixing in Nuendo. I don't know if the summing has anything to do with it, but there's a DAWsum demo cd out there somewhere which also included a 02R96 I think.

I just work so much faster on the DM1000 and I actually shut of the TTF screen which I think makes a lot of difference.

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