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Some of us work in commercial studios. In a mixing/mastering house you receive elements from tracking studios or archives. Mixing out of house elements for example blue-ray your sometimes lucky to have DA88 stems nevermind a 24/96 protools archive. There are many worlds of audio other then the personal project studio. You would be amazed how many mixes start off with crap audio & end up as a 7.1 mix on latest & greatest format of the day..
I have NEVER been in or worked in a commercial studio that up-samples to mix. NEVER. The only time I've seen anything of the kind done is going from 44.2 or 48 to 2" tape AND THEN 88.2 or 96, but that is not the same thing at all. A mixed tune up-sampled for mastering is a different beast altogether. Thanks for the effort of your test though, my remarks where not meant as a personal attack.