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It was pretty well explained. I guess you missed it.
The tracks were recorded at a lower sample rate then upsampled (arguably a lossless conversion) for mixing.
Many people think there are benefits to giving plug-ins more samples to work with, and the results prove there are definitely differences.

No need to get upset, just listen to the files and take away what you can. *shrug
Yeah, I know how the test was poorly conducted. You need to read what I wrote. Who in the f*ck up-samples to mix. It is a stupid test. More samples are better so actually *record* more samples and don't up-sample. I understand what the OP was doing but it is useless in the real world. Just use up-sampling plugs if you insist on recording @ 48k, as it is the same thing. Plugins sound better at 96k but guess what? audio files recorded at 96k sound even better and have a much higher impact on mixes. Tests that have no place or merit in the real world are just silly, IMO of course