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Here for the gear

Wow, thanks for all the great info. Really sounds like the climate has changed in the recording business. I thought about trying to get into engineering, but as much as I love recording at home (Sonar, MOTU) and definitely want to learn a lot more, I really do love recording, it's still a far second to my writing/playing. A big part of my interest in session work was as another possible way to make a living (a better one than teaching guitar, which I do now) if my own writing/performing never brings in much money. Also, if there had still been a decent session scene in NY, well it'd be a great excuse to live there, which I'd just like to do at some point in my life anyway. I'd probably enjoy working in recording (though the "stupidest things heard in a session" thread makes me question that) but I don't know if it'd be hard for me to get an internship or anything since it sounds like most interns I've heard mentioned here went to school for engineering.

I don't really have my bases covered that much as far as the gear goes right now. I have a pretty versatile rig (Mesa Triaxis, probably getting a Vai Legacy soon), but my guitars are less versatile (ESPs, more just geared towards my original material right now), and obviously still missing lots of the true classic sounds.

I will keep building my home recording rig, mostly because I can't stop heh
But I guess I'll have to rethink the whole move-to-nyc-and-break-into-session-work-on-pure-skill-alone thing.

Hmm, or maybe just go back to my ridiculously ambitious plan to become the world's next great guitar icon