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Old 6th August 2005
Originally Posted by Reptil
LOL, you got a hummer??

Yea, it's part of my "Roadway Upgrades"

Some of my neighbors don't appreciate my using it to jump curves and cross over the medians of divided highways, but heck, I don't wait in traffic anymore, I simply blaze a new route.

I still love the Jeep Wrangler out on the Anza Borego desert. I get to play "Rat Patrol" out there and pretend I have a 50 mm machine gun mounted in the back.

I'm not a typical Red Neck, but I need to escape the world of tiny electronic circuits and blow off steam. 4 wheel dirt wompin' is the best escape from an over developed world.

Try it and see!

Jim Williams
Audio Upgrades

"Conserving the Earth's natural resources".
Yea, right!