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Originally Posted by robdarling
THEY? As in all 1.3 billion or however many of THEM there are? Good lord that's some narrow thinking. Stop and think for a second man. That's just plain unreal. You are saying that no company in a country with four times our population would find a niche in high-quality production because they're just too busy making crap? THEY can put people in space. THEY are a nuclear power. I think at least a few of THEM might bother to think THEY can make a little money plugging the parts into the board and soldering some high-end audio equipment (which, btw, once you design it right, is the same as cheap stuff but with better components.)

ps. SE is not a high end company. They are in the business to make cheap products cheaper.
I think you are missing my point. Apart from how advanced chinese culture is, compared to barbarians like me, I think you have to realise that this is a BIG country. And it is not like the USA where everybody more or less speaks the same languages (english and spanish) Every province has its own language. Family relations are most important. More important than companies. The big cities are something else. Something might happen there. But the production standard of a company, any company depends on suppliers and how to get the finished product to buyers. And the framework is not there in China at this moment. For high end pro audio products that is. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying they can't do it. They can (if you can speak of "they"), it is certainly possible. Maybe it will happen soon. But I don't think so: An industry catering for pro audio IS something special, and unique until now in history. It depended on the state of the market, and on the level of scientific development. That you and I are sitting behind a nice console is a fluke of nature.
There is more money to be made in consumer electronics.

"western" music is certainly on the up, over there, and in a way you are right:
I have to go there myself to be able to say anything definitive. I will, as the first opportunity arises.