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Matt...What's up buddy?

Studios dont need session players, it's the producers and artists that HIRE the studios that might... and they arent located AT the studios.
Jules makes THE perfect point....that pretty much sums it up.

I am always looking for contacts / players...please shoot me a PM.

I will touch on another idea that was sort of mentioned... I am using two great musicians (hired) for this current record...Each are on a signed work for hire session contract.
I am in Austin Texas...My Guitar player (session player) is in Auckland, New Zealand and the other is in San Francisco Ca.

Both have PT rigs (I am using Nuendo). They record where they are comfortable without the pressure of a producer there.

I have an FTP site setup where we load virtual sessions.

I don't pay alot but these cats don't expect alot...and most good musicians I know just appreciate playing on a good record that is fitting for them...besides they don't have to leave home.

Now I realize that isn't the 'traditonal' role of a session cat (soundtracks, TV sitcoms, comercials etc.) but like many have isn't the same business anymore (cept' maybe Nashville and most of those cats are smokin' and locked down tight). I had a great conversation with Ace country player Brent Mason once while at the Nashville NAMM show...He just played clubs 'live' for years till someone 'asked' him to record..and it just slowly went up from there. (But it wasn't overnight)

I suspect you have all of your 'tone' basics covered? Tele, Strat, Les Paul, Hollowbody...Twin, Marshall, boutiqe, effects etc etc? (or some combination to achieve those tones?)(sans a POD) advice. Stay where you are or move to someplace you a small high quality computer rig...and become a virtual studio dude. I honestly think someone is going to be a huge success with that idea...(Maybe someone already is) But don't expect to make a living on it right away.