thread: Stereo LA2A?
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The distressor has some cool presets to try that can give you what you are looking for. I have never tried any of the settings below next the the real thing but hey, maybe it will do the trick. Here is what they say.


Since the unit is based on the oldest compressor topology, the unit can be made to sound very similar to older classics. The nonlinear nature of the older gain control elements of opto-couplers, FET's, pentode (or triode) tube bias or "mu" modulation, etc., can be closely emulated if proper settings are used. A special "Opto" mode has been provided in the 10:1 ratio.

Some Examples:
*To simulate the opto-VCA tube models of old (the LA2, LA3, LA4, DeMaria, Meek units), try 10:1 "Opto" ratio, with attack on 10, release on 0, Det HP on. Adjust input and outputs to your taste. Remember our LED metering deflects much faster than the old VU's so don't be afraid to hit the unit quite hard (10-20 dB of compression on peaks). Try Dist 2 & 3 mode, but let your ears be your guide. Try faster attacks (4-9) for more aggressive sounding compression.