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Old 5th August 2005
Originally Posted by raal
what nuk said. AFAIK digi is in no hurry to support multiple sample rates in the same session. i use PT, but that's a real bummer for me - i think logic does support different sample rates in the same session.
I've heard at least one industry guy (who works for a a hardware/software company) suggest that their experience shows Logic's support for multiple, simultaneous sample rates might be 'problematic.'

I haven't heard anything else, myself, but I'm really interested to hear if anyone's tried it or is using it.

I don't personally have any use for it (simply because everything I do is 44.1) but I could see certain broadcast, production, and service sector areas where such a capability would be pretty magical, indeed.

(Mind you, the whole notion of multiple simulaneous SR support sounds magical in itself, to me. It's such a fundamental 'impossibility' in my mindset. Then again, I was surprised when voice-to-MIDI controllers appeared.)

Anyone using that feature of Logic?