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For pro audio the 8.25% sales tax just kills it for me. Plus, I have a guy in Cali who crushes Dales's prices by 15-30% WITHOUT factoring in the 8.25%

They make a killing on commisions there at Dale.

My guy in Cali makes a tiny percentage, but I buy EVERYTHING from him, from mics and cables to $4000 EQs.

I have never put a ton of stock in pro audio "service".... you either have a good price or you don't, you either have a return policy or you don't. If something breaks, I send it to the manufacturer.

For guitars, amps, FX:

30th Street Guitars
Carmine Street Guitars
Ludlow Street Guitars
Rudys Music (48th st)
Rogue Music
Matt Umanov Guitars
Mandolin Bros if you have a car and $$,$$$