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Old 1st February 2009
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Sanken co-100k / Neumann KM 130 or what else?

I've used for the last 10 years every time the same Mics for A/B-Orchestra-Recording: Neumann KM130 - and I like them! But now I'm a little bit tired and would like to buy something better. Microphones, which are perhaps a little bit more precise, a little bit more realistic, more neutral etc., if that is possible... So I found the Sanken CO-100K. I heard every TELARC- and Unamas- Recordings made with them and I think, they sound great, but I never used them. What do you think, are they really much better than the Neumann or are they just more expensive because of the 100k? Are there good alternatives? Should be SDC. I do just classical music (Orchestra/Choir/Organ/Strings/Chamber Music) and the Mics should be the main A/B pair so the must be omnis. And of course they must really sound better as the KM 130.

Thanks for helping and apologize for my bad English