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Old 5th August 2005
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lol adzski heh whatsup buddy

Thanks for all the responses guys. Yeah it's for portability purposes mainly, but also an attempt to start organizing my very cluttered disorganized looking studio setup.

I had been looking at Sweetwater's racked PC -

...but I just can't bring myself to spend that much yet.

Originally Posted by DavidKakon

looks good
Those do look good. I'll check em out.

And honestly guys, how hard ARE DIY kits?? I tried to inspire myself to do some DIY preamp kits awhile back, but decided I'd probably never get em done. So, I have zero experience, and know absolutely nothing about anything heh Would a DIY kit actually be practical for me?? I'd love to save the $$$ and do it myself if I could I guess I'm not the sluttiest of sluts around here...