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Old 5th August 2005
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find someone else who knows how to, sit in on a session, or pay them to mix yours and then copy them,

mix buss is just the main output of your mixer. an "8 bus" mixer has 8 busses other than the main out. these can in turn be sent to the main out or to a seperate physical out

insert is like an effect on the channel, like patching in a pedal on your guitar chord.

a send sends a bit of the sound to.... wherever the send goes to... so you can put one effect on a number of different channels, just set up a send on each channel and then "insert" the effect on the channel that is being sent to.

play with "compression" and "eq" on different tracks untill each thing sounds how you want it to, and then set up the relative levels..

ha ha ha, its actually really hard to explain, but quite simple once you get it. best to learn by working with someone who knows more than you