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Project Studio Startup Help!

Hi all. I plan on starting a medium to hi end project studio. I do need some advice, though.

I plan on a Great River MP-1NV for a 1 channel mic pre (I will only be tracking bass, guitars, vox), and when the time comes, I will obtain a second mic pre when I wish to do stereo operation. I also plan on a pair of Dynaudio Bm6a's for my monitors, and for now a RODE NTK as my condenser mic (I have a Shure SM-57/Sennheiser 421 already for the guitar mics).

Assuming this will be housed in a treated room, I need some assistance/advice regarding an actual interface. I have a computer with Cubase and many plugins on it. I've been looking at two different interfaces. One is the E-MU 1820m and the other is the Lynx L22. Which would you recommend for my setup and why?

I also have a question of connectivity; in my setup, would I need to get anything else to properly connect my interface to the Dynaudio monitors? I've been told, that if I want to control volume, I'd probably need to get a small mixer? I'm lost on this, so any help would be great.