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Originally Posted by Zarathustra

I just switched from WS_FTP to CuteFTP and am not looking back. Had way too many problems with WS_FTP. It was an older version.... so that may have been an issue but if you are on a Mac, you may want to look into Fetch.

If you want a killer deal for webspace.. has a deal ending this month.

You get
2.4GB storage
120GB/Month bandwidth
600 emails
FREE domain registration
UNLIMITED domain and email forwarding
much much more......

i have 2 accounts with them so far.

When you go through the sign up process and you get to a point where it asks for a discount code.... use 777 and you will get 90% off so I think it is $9 and change for one year thumbsup

If you do sign up feel free to use my name as a recommendation 'thereal7' or register through this link:

if not, cool....but this is a killer deal either way and ends this MONTH