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Old 4th August 2005
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well the good news is that my wav files were still there.. I was able to import the guitar tracks that I did and at least line them up. It sounds pretty good, but I'd much rather have them in the exact location.

cool, djui5 that's a good tip with the a-z thing. I have it turned on sometimes, but didn't realize what exactly it did.

I'm running the 001 with PT 6.4. I think their is something wrong with that version, because I can't play back CDs through my monitors (and can't uninstall the wav driver), and it seems like my preferences are always reverting back to something else. I checked and auto save wasn't checked, though it was before. Also, from time to time the box labeled "edit window follows audio" (or something close to that) come unchecked and frustrates the hell out of me. I need to upgrade to the 002 or switch to Nuendo at some point, because the 001 isn't that great. But for the time being, I'm stuck.

Here are a few things I use often that aren't really tricks:

"Ctrl =" switches between the mix and edit window (on PC)
"ctrl + shift + n" is a new track.
holding Ctrl while adjusting the volume in the mix window makes small adjustments.