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Hi Dirk,

I can only answer you on the question where the artist/client attends the session, or at least part of it.
Common situation #1: I start mixing at 9-10am, by myself. The artist drops by somewhere after 5-6pm. Listens to what I came up with for a few times. I take note of their findings. Then I either make some changes or we'll discuss the remarks. If it's the first song of the album, everything will take a little longer though.
Common situation #2: I start mixing at 9-10am, by myself. The artist resides at the studio for the entire mixing period. He drops by once in a while to check on how I'm doing. I advise them not to sit behind me for the entire time, because I get more out of them when they come back every other hour or so. Also, it's too hard to keep quiet for a few hours. Not only for them though...for me too if I have too much company...That's why I like working at a studio that offers more than just a good console: like a gym, a pool, a pool table, anything that is good to clear their minds and keep them happy.

In both situations, we'll try to get a clear picture by dinner time. Now, as for giving them reference copies to check out the mix at home: I don't mind doing that. Often, when it's a band I've never worked with before I'll make them a few copies anyway. But when it's a returning customer they often don't even need a copy every day since they've learnt how the mixes will translate.

After dinner work: Final check of the mix. Often I'll leave the mix on the console until the next morning, and start preparing (at night) the song for the next day. At that time the assistant will be working on the recall sheets.

All The Best