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I just did a single with band based in Cardiff.

We tracked it down there and then mixed up here in London.

Everyone was pretty happy with sounds and working mixes while tracking so, with relative confidence, I brought it back up here, we mixed it and then I sent them some MP3's (burned at 320 kbps).

The only suggestion they had was that they wanted all the noise at the end of one song (about 4 guitars of extra mayhem) to sound like a 'piano being thrown down a staircase'.

So I recalled the mix, pitch-shifted everything except the bass drums down a few octaves and blended that in the with the rest of the kunk going on and seemed to have created the desired effect. Not sure if sounded like a piano but... Oh and I think we used some dirty Ohm plug-in too. Man those things are nasty!

I would have preferred to dump an old piano (already put out to pasture and ready to make one last dignified stand in the name of rock and roll, of course!) down a flight of stairs but the budget didn't permit such extravagance. heh