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How do you get your mixes approved?

Say, you’re mixing one song a day, 2 possibilities, the artist can come to your CR and he/she cannot.

Can come to CR: do you let them come buy at the end of each mix, tweak a little and then approve? Do you burn a cd so they can check in their car? Do you let them take the cd home and finish up the morning after?

Cannot come to CR: do you send them an MP3, or have them donwload the full resolution file? Do they approve one mix at a time or do you mix a couple and then let them listen/adjust/approve?

Are there situations where the artist(s) doesn’t even hear the final mixes and you only deal with the producer? And how does that go?

Lot’s of little questions, but I was just wondering what is common. Recently I mixed a fun project, but it took quite some extra time and work to get the first couple of mixes approved since the artist was not able to come to me when I was finishing up the mixes. Now, with my hybrid mix environment, recalling a mix takes only a couple of minutes, but I did spend quite some extra time…

What’s your preferred modus operandi?