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Originally Posted by studjo
I consider the BM6A a different class from the 1030 or 824 - so do you have em too?
I don't have the BM6A, nor have I heard them. I did have a pair of BM15a monitors for several weeks during the period we were in the upgrade search which ultimately drew us to the Klein & Hummel monitors. My bias would be that the BM6A would likely be an excellent and highly neutral and detailed monitor knowing its pedigree.

Smaller monitors like the 0100 and BM6A are also a lot easier to make work in non-ideal rooms. When you get into units like the BM15A and 0300 which have so much additional low frequency energy, the room interactions become more complex and difficult to manage sometimes. My 0100's also fit in a single flight case, and it's easy to take them to locations outside of my own studio. So small really is the next big!

A point not always mentioned about the smaller two-way monitors based on 5 and 6 inch drivers is the degree to which they often benefit from a proper stand. It's tempting to place them in a meter bridge arrangement, I know. But it can be quite eye opening to mount them on a heavy rigid stand with proper feet for acoustic coupling. I know this a bit audiophile of me, but it's really the case. I may be overboard here, but I fabricated stands which are based upon 1 inch thick steel plate , 2.5 x 4.5 steel tubing for a stem (1/4 inch wall thickness, filled with steel shot), and a 3/8 inch top platform. Not only do the bases couple to the floor slab with traditional spikes, but the monitor cabinets rest on hardened steel points to couple the monitor housing to the stand. Anyway, the results are really good, and the added low frequency extension from the small boxes is impressive. The stands really don't cost much to make, and spending the same money on new rack gear wouldn't buy much of note.

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