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Old 3rd August 2005
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Originally Posted by wallace
It seems like the version of Pro Tools I'm using is pretty unstable. If I have a session open and go more than ten minutes without doing anything to it, it will slow up, or I'll have to re-open the session. Is this the computer or the application?

I've got a P4, 1.8 Ghz processor w/ 512 mb of ram. Is that enough these days? I was just trying to make a new track when the computer crashed.
I was wondering, which version of Pro Tools do you have? I haven't used Pro Tools that much on Windows operating computer, so I don't know how unstable that OS is when using PT. With MacOS X I've never had too much problems. Last time I chrashed Pro Tools was when I was mixing a song with about 100 tracks on a Pro Tools (version 6.4) HD3 system with three dsp-cards and a Powermac G5 (2,2 gHz) after I put one plug-in too many there... (there were quite a lot of plug-ins at that time). So with Mac it's pretty reliable, if you're not doing anything stupid.