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Ok here is he thing, I talked about this With Michael @ waves and he explain to me that since these consoles sound better when driven harder and pushed to the sweet spot, the plugins were created to recreate the same thing. It's Ok to clip a bit IN the plugin. if you don't hear it distort then you are fine. use yur ears not your eyes however it's NOT ok to clip on the PT fader so he shared this very useful tip with me. Just place a "TRIM" plugin on each track with a SSL plug for example (after the wave of course) and se it to anywhere between -2 to -7 dbs. you have now the nice sauration from the plugin but not the nasty digital cliping and you can adjustt overall volume witth the PT fader to compensate for the trim.
Works GREAT try it !!
it also worked out fine for me when pulling down the output at the waves channel fader without using a trim plug any wrong with this method?