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Most consumers still don't know these two formats exist. I've seen the Sony-Abko SACD-Stones' re-issue ads, but thats about it. I have yet to see any SACD or DVD-A p.o.p. displays in the record stores I go to. Even if SACD is truer to the original source (which I don't know that it is, haven't heard it) my .02 worth is that the masses will want a surround-sound music disc to play in their surround-sound home systems. Um, DAD-A isn't a surround-sound format though, is it?

I believe consumers will continue to balk at paying, on average, $15 to $18 for a two channel audio only format, no matter how accurate, when for a buck or two more they can get the latest 150 million dollar James Bond flick.

Perhaps we can get Tim of EAR to weigh in on this, as his company is one of the few manufacturers (Manley and Sony being others that come to mind) with products marketed to both pro audio users and audiophiles.