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Old 3rd August 2005
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Originally Posted by wallace
Ah... I spent two hours working on a track yesterday only to have Pro Tools crash and delete ALL my work! I hit save, but apparently after a crash PT reverts to the version at the time that you first opened the program. Am I supposed to close PT after every take just to save? I'm so pissed off.
If I'm at a critical point in a project (like the super excellent vocal take just happend) I 'Save as...' and give it a new name. If it's 'Slick Rock Song' I'll call it 'Slick Rock Song b'

Very first time I ever worked with Pro Tools was recording with Bryan Carlstrom at Track in '99. Every time we'd do a keeper take, we'd take a break while he did back-ups. He taught me to be really meticulous about it.