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Old 3rd August 2005
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this can happen to any program on any platform, and crashes are sometimes the fault of the app, sometimes the OS, and sometimes hardware, even a power spike or sag (get a UPS).

even a 2" can go insane, into super fast spin dumping you master on the floor and stretching / breaking the tape. not to mention dropping into record on every track, or wiping that prized take, and on tape there really is no undo!

so what to do, get that auto save turned on, learn the save key command and use it, often, like every minute, for me its like automatic reaction, I don't even realize I'm doing it, my fingers just form the CTRL-S shape automatically anytime I'm near a keyboard. and make backups often. Get a synchronization program so you don't need to copy the whole thing each time (just whats changed since last backup)

and the law of digital still applies:

If doesnt really exist unless it exists in two places. (IE different hard drives)