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Old 3rd August 2005
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Much much much is gonna come down to your room...You just can't get around that period. 12 x 8 is a hard one.

Not a fan of the ASP8's in this room...
I have not heard a single example of mixes on them...though a few people recommend them

Mackies for Hip-Hop? That is 'THE' stereo typical response. Perhaps they work good for HH because they translate / deliver low end so well ...but... consider real world reality...MOST people don't use 824's for 'hip hop'...(Meaning most studios who OWN 824's or have do not mix Hip Hop)

I would look into the BM6a' for the most 'natural'. At least that is the consensus.

Bottom line...get used to your room and whatever speakers you put in there. Forget opinions...You will NEVER get a consistent opinon on nearfields...USE YOUR OWN EARS!

'Blown away' and 'no contest' and 'better than anything in thier price' etc.. is all complete nonsense in the big picture. At that range, they all work equally well...each adding thier own signature twist, anomolie, bend and sound that you will need to learn...period.

best of it...