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Thanks for the reply Steve; it makes me more confident about that gig. I sure had enough power on the other side and indeed the main gig needed more power that wasn’t available without hot mix bus and master levels, it wipe's of my doubt's I get when watching someone else. Although I have a terrible hangover from last night's gig where I had no other choice pushing the reds. I had an opening gig with a new band (there first gig) that is rehearsing the past six months at my place. We had to use the headliner setup from PA to drums and bass etc. It was on small Open Square, front speakers where 4 Mackie powered monitors and I had some Yamaha can’t remember digital 16 channel desk. The only problem was the engineer of the headliner found it necessary for some reason to put a small passive 8 channel mixer behind the stage for the drums since the headline was a band of 7 people and the 16 channel wasn’t enough. so al I got to work with was 2 channels guitar, 1 bas, 1 vocal an 2 channels of drum poop, it was too much too ask; 1 to put that small mixer in front of me next to the other and; 2 since it was behind the stage he didn’t found it necessary to properly pan the drum signals, telling me that would not make any difference etc etc and allot of blablabla, not worth discussing about it with him since it didn’t bother him at all. So at the end I did the 5 songs we had to do and stage left. But guess who was to blame that the drums sounded like poop? Me of course. So that was another lesson of situations that not being in full control things get ugly. Funny part for me while watching him for about 15min, in that time I saw him about 10 times running from desk to behind the stage to work on the poop (drums) lol heh