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You are so NICE over here at GS!!

MUST be those old "Be a good guest" manners kicking in.... heh

If you want to back out of this contest, let me know. You just might, after I send you a CD, or email you an MP3 of two songs. One, done 48-track, Analogue, Neve, Studer A-800, the works, but NOT engineered or mixed by me.

The other, using a 1/2 eight track Otari, a Soundcraft 4 buss PA board, a few broken (intermittantly) dbx 166 compressors, a graphic EQ, made by who knows WHAT Japanese Hi-fi company, an Alesis Micro-Verb (also intermittantly broken), and a 57 for the vocals. I didn't track ANY of the HORRIBLY RECORDED tracks, but I DID attempt to mix them, on a pair of Tannoy 6.5 PBMs, I think that's what they are called, in a *control room*, built, literally, like a subway tunnel, in a loft in Hoboken, Noo Joisey.

And, I also "Mastered" it, a bit after the fact, mostly to improve the *Noise to Signal Ratio* that existed.

I won't tell you which tune is which on the CD, (although it's not THAT hard to figure out rollz ) BUT, you tell ME, if you can actually be positive of the fact, or can even discern that a U-47/1073/LA2-A/A-800, and whatever else, was the signal chain on the one vocal, while a 57/Soundcraft PA board/dbx 166 was used on the other, and which vocal "sound" you actually PREFER!! dfegadgrggt

Oh yea, the singer using the 47 is MUCH better than the one croaking out the vocal on the 57!!

PLUS, there can be NO mastering for our test, unless I do it, since I KNOW you pay Brad off, weekly, because he found out about that "thing" you did, and has the pictures to prove it!! heh