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I also got the DTC.
The compression section is damn strange, but definitely add warmth and special texture to what's processed in.
I love the preamp and EQ (this one is incredible, I love it, you can do whatever you want), and begin to know how to use it well, but the optical compressor is still a mystery.

I'd only use it as :
- a limiter before going to the converters, very useful.
- a compressor for the bass (roundness and warmth), vocals, and accoustic instruments...

The compressor is quite extreme and most of the time the knobs are near 0, I don't want to mess up my mixes. I never tried it as a master bus compressor, but I guess it would work with very careful settings. I'd rather use the EQ in a mastering.

The DTC is a great channel on every point, it's original. Love it thumbsup
That unit is not very known but works just great.