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Hip Hop isn't dead. It might be going through a lul period in some parts of the states but around the rest of the world there are some amazing underground beats happening. US is the Mecca of hip-hop but I think the commerciality of it is killing it to some degree.

But then again everything has its merrits. There is always a great commercial tune, as there is always great underground tunes. The other side of the coin is that unfortunately there is a lot more uninspired rubbish that comes out, but one mans gold can be anothers garbage.

Hip-hop is a culture and there are always those true to its roots in some form or another. When you get down to it though, it is like the bastard grandchild of Jazz/Be Bop. But Jazz is long dead in some respects cause purists wanna keep it old. That is one way that things get stale.

Check out Chicago, the Opus kill it. That is some of the freshest **** going and there roots are in the Bombsquad but they don't sound stale or processed.

The worst thing that can happen to anyone or anything is for it to become a parody of itself and become fixated on its own importance.

People graffed long before hip-hop. People breaked long before hip-hop and people MC'ed long before hip-hop. Whether people juggled or scratched before hip hop I can't 100% say but for me that is where it's origins lay and what bought it all together. Cool Herc, Bambatta, Grandmaster Flash and now cats like DJ Krush carry the flame. True originators.

What is my take on hip-hop may be totally wrong to others but who cares. The thing is that it has outgrown itself and most wouldn't know anything about its roots. As long as whatever it is, is cool and/or makes people happy and/or fulfilled, or expands peoples minds in some regard then it has merits.

The apprentice must kill the master.

"So I change it, never doing the same ****" :- Del the Funky Homosapien