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The Mindprint Tips Thread

or not.

i know there's only a few of us Mindprint DTC users here and lord knows i ain't one of the more knowledgeable ones.
so i figure i'd ask my fellow slutz who use this piece of gear for some tips.
particularly when it's being used a two channel comp.

besides tracking duties here's my "summing" chain:

out of my DAW via
motu mk3 analog 1/4" outs into an
API 8200a mixer out to
Mindprint DTC - some eq'ing done at this stage back into
Apogee Rosetta and out of the Rosetta via optical and back into
DAW into a final stereo track - sometimes a Waves L2 and LMB are present.

the one thing i do have a real problem with is the compressor section, i can't get that thing to do what i want. it's either too compressed and the whole mix starts to pump or it doesn't cut it and i have to use the waves L2 for gain make-up purposes.
i know it's not an API 2500 but it should do better than this, or am i smoking the pipe?

any Mindprint DTC slutz out there using it in a similar fashion?



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