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Does the lack of questioning these other musical forms suggest that all alternative and country acts are great? I sure hope not...
The obituary for country has been written and re-written I don't know how many times. The reason, in my opinion, why alternative and country manages to be progressive is cos there are act's in this genre's who are prepared to break rules and convention to come up with something new and exciting.

More talk about rappers than Hip-Hop artist.
I couldn't agree more and this thread shows it. Where are the producers that will take hip-hop to new levels? No disrespect but alltho the likes of The Alchemist, Guru, Pete Rock etc have done some amazing music in the past I don't see them being the ones tradeblazing.

I'm always the first to say to my friends who still do parties that I am "the grumpy old rap fan"
Don't disagreeing with you here just like to add that I don't know if Clive Davies is grumpy or not but he's not a youngster, still he manages to
pick acts the repeatedly strikes a chord with "younger" people. Age has nothing to do with ability to recognize quality music.