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I am a jazzer brothers. I will offer the following things.

First get your ride straight. The ride is the thing. Play triplets on your snare. put the hihat on two and four. Play the ride cymbal, you know, swing it. Do that at varying tempos for as long as you can stand it. Play so absolutely tight that it is sick. Play it to a click that is only on two and four. Play it so long you are going to throw up.

Got it ? You probably don't so repeat. I am serious here.

Ok. You really have it now ?? Really ?? Grooving to a click on 2 and 4 to the above.


Now play the and's of the swing patterns on the ride slightly behind. Flam every 'and' that you play on the ride with the snare drum. Every thing else stays linked.

That will take you a while.

OK. Now play every 1 every so slightly late on the ride only with the rest of you linked up.

That will take a while too. Remember to try different tempos. All of this rhythmic sliding must be done to a click. Somewhere time has to be solid and represented in your swing.

Ok. Now do both at the same time. late ands and late 1's but pull it all together with the rest of your body. It should all relax and become second nature after a long time.

Ok. Now go play with a great bass player and a good horn player like a trumpet or a sax.

If you did it all right you're welcome. You will be swinging like a mother.