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u need to watch the DVD "Dirty States". It's the history of down south music. They are trying to get to a different place than say a Kanye West or a Mos Def with their music. It shows the origins in miami, new orleans, atlanta, houston, memphis, et all and why it is the way it is. Sure a Nas or Saigon can "spit" much more complex and "better" than a down south rapper but the people down south dont care to hear that and dont care to support.

alot of elitest hip hop types are real snobs when it comes to discussing dirty south music and that attitude has allowed the south to take over. The south along w/ the midwest buy 80% of all the rap/hip hop in the usa. They have the buying power now and dont need the ny market anymore.

Dirty south stuff is some real grass roots, party, down home stuff and alot of up north folks that dont have them roots dont understand it so they try and insult it or say it's not music.

Brand of rap and "where u from" are 2 different things. Game is not overly west coast with his lyrical style but his content is straight Compton. Overly west coast artist like an e40 or WC have a hard time crossing over to other markets. Plus cali buy less records than ny. Midwest style common and kanye from chicago is chicago and not ny. they dont have the country accent but the rhyming style and content is different than NYC by a long shot. The content usually reflects where u r from.