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Originally Posted by jlotto
NY hip hop is at a stand still right now. no new good talent. besides g-unit, dipset, mobb deep, d-block, jay-z when he comes out of "retirement"- there's nothing new and exciting. all the rappers seem to be stuck on some 1999 "im a street corner hustla" persona tahts long since been played out.
so screaming "yeeeaaahhhhh" and whispering on tracks and not being able to pernounce words clearly is the answer
I'd also argue that the brand of rap Game, Kanye, & Common bring to the table pretty much sounds like an East Coast/New York Emcee.(well kanye has his shy-town accent though heh )

any way listen to Mos Def's first CD first song. Hip Hop being 'dead' is your choice. Me personally I'm content. There is definitly more wack sh!t then before especially on the commercial airwaves. But good music can still be found if you keep your 'ear' to the street.