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Originally Posted by Jules
If a key sound on the production was a wacky special effects sound - made with a DI gtr signal and say a plug in like Amplitube - IMHO it would be a total ****** that would pass that session on

a) without the rendered 'signature' guitar sound (+ the DI track)


b) just the DI guitar and with no note about the Amplitube settings

So true. I guess I took for granted that if it is an intrinsic part of the sound of the song, then of course it would stay on there. I guess I was picturing eq and compression and stuff... I guess even then it would have a huge impact on the overall sound if there was a smashed room mic in the bridge or something....

Really good point about an amp farm track or amplitube or whatever.... It would really blow to get the gtr DI alone.....
I would just amp farm it anyway or reamp it regardless.....