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FW RAID problems

So I did a session this weekened at my house (my first using DP) and I was having insane problems. I was only recording 8 tracks of drums and 3 scratch which I figured my 1.25 powerbook could easily handle using my new FW800 external raid. I've recorded as much with my internal 4200rpm drive using Cubase SX 1.6 without any problems so when things started going wrong I figured DP was just a little more CPU hungry (which I still think it is). Anyways, after a lot of messing around trying to locate the problem I discovered that there was something weird with the drive. Its worked fine in the past for normal hard drive tasks and its extremely fast but I'd never recorded with it. DP and Protools LE crapped out when trying to record/playback from it but did just fine with my internal drive so I'm at a loss. Is there something special I am forgetting or what?

Its this case,

and I have two 200gb 7200rpm maxtors in a RAID-0. I know its risky to use a RAID-0 for audio but I'm backing up after each session. Mainly just got this drive for the speed.