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I've been recording myself mostly. What I've been doing in these unofficial shootouts is hit record and move, either myself and the guitar (rolling chair), or the mic around until it sounds good in the headphones. I've got some Ultraphones, so the isolation is pretty good, and I've gotten pretty solid at connecting what I hear in the headphones with what will sound good in the monitors. When I find a spot I like, I'll "tell myself" on the recording what the signal chain is, and describe as best I can the placement. Once I play a few different segments from different songs in that position, I'll move around until I find another spot that grabs my attention and repeat the process.

BTW, just an observation I've made, I almost never like the sound of the mic closer than 12 inches, unless it's more towards the neck. Most positions I've liked usually end up being 18 inches away (or even more), meaning the omnis sound good on the guitar, but the room becomes more of a factor and I'll try moving some Realtraps Microtraps around to catch the first reflections off the walls.

What do you guys think of the Earthworks SR30 (aka SR77) at those distances (1.5 feet or more)? I've been thinking of trying one, but I've heard some people mention a significant bass roll off as you move farther away (I forget how far). Won't stop me from trying one, but I'd thought I'd at least ask. Though I welcome omnis, cardioids would play better with my room at the distances I usually end up liking the mics at.

About the KM54/KM56 option...I've thought about it, but always seem to be steered away from them just cause of their age, and it seems no gaurantee that they'll be in good condition. Anyone know where I might look to find on in good condition in my price range (around $1300)?