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Talking Utrasone Headphones on Location - Handling Noise

I use my Ultrasone HiFi650 headphones for location sound.

I have a pair of ProLine 750 that I use in the studio.

My issue is this:

The ProLine 750 are a bit creaky, for lack of a better term. I mean that when adjusting the headphones, uncupping one ear to check ambient sound issues, etc., the hard plastic yoke/hinges make noise.

The HiFi 650 does NOT do this, or at least not nearly as much.

I'm thinking of getting the ProLine650 since I like the coiled/detachable cable, but am worried that if they are like the ProLine750 in terms of creaky plastic handling noises, they will be a problem.

(I work for the BBC, PBS, National Geographic, etc., and it's not acceptable for the sound guy to make noise when he adjusts his headphones during an exclusive interview with the President of Germany or whomever.)

My old location standards such as the 7506 and the DT-770 are very quiet in terms of handling/adjusting noise, but I've grown to like the sonics of the Ultrasones....

Can anyone shed any light on this, i.e. are the ProLine650 as "quiet" as the HiFi650 in terms of handling noise? Does anyone else find the ProLine750 to be "noisy?"